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Holy Trinity Church, Crockham Hill is part of the Church of England, which in turn is part of the world-wide 'Anglican Communion'. In England the churches which are part of the Church of England are divided into geographical areas known as dioceses. Crockham Hill is in the Diocese of Rochester which is presided over by the Bishop of Rochester. The clergy in any particular Church are appointed by the Diocese.


Our previous priest retired in April 2013. During the intervening year we were supported by Rev’d Dr Stephen Mitchell (vicar of SS Peter and Paul, Edenbridge and until very recently Priest in Charge at Crockham Hill) and Rev’d David Flagg, who is retired. Crockham Hill parish has now become independent again and a new Vicar, the Rev'd Sue Diggory was instituted in March 2014

Crockham Hill has a reputation for being a very friendly and hospitable village. Everyone gets a warm welcome. The church is part of a great community - caring and social; it enjoys strong financial support from the village and provides well-organised pastoral visiting for new residents, the sick and frail. There is good outreach and an enthusiastic congregation prepared to adapt. There has historically been a close and beneficial association with Edenbridge church. We have high musical standards, a very competent adult choir for festivals and special services, and a first class organist, who also runs a thriving secular children’s choir.

Rev'd Sue Diggory

We like to think we are a welcoming community; open to all kinds of people, whatever their background. So if you are enquiring about Christianity, thinking about a return to church life after an absence, or simply visiting from a Christian community somewhere else, we would love to welcome you.

             David Stafford                         Trish Proctor

                               Our church Wardens

We are trying to form a larger and younger membership by changing the style and appeal of worship and activities in a way which will attract families with children. We hope this will result in the Church playing a more central role in the life of our village.
Our congregation gathers for the Eucharist at either 8.00 or 10.00am every Sunday. We have a Family Service on the First Sunday of each month, and regular Messy Church services every 6 - 8 weeks. (see Messy Church) We are all exploring the Christian faith; some what it might mean to them, as they prepare for marriage, or to have their children baptised.


Apart from the weekly Sunday service, Holy Trinity holds a range of differing services. During Holy week there is an 8.00pm Maundy Thursday service, a children’s Good Friday drama/service, and a 2.00pm Last Hour service, an 8.00am Easter Sunday Holy communion , and an 10.00am Festal Eucharist.


During the Christmas season there is a carol service, a Christingle service with a congregation of 240, a Midnight Mass, 8.00am Communion, and a 10.00am Family service. There are major services for Mothering Sunday and Remembrance Sunday.

Graham Dinnage, GTCL, LTCL, LGSM, Organist and professional singer

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