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​​Women's Christian Fellowship

Women’s Christian Fellowship was founded almost 30 years ago as an ecumenical group, meeting to discuss and deepen Christian faith, for fellowship and sharing problems. It seeks to promote Christian family life within the community.


We will be meeting in my garden at The Warren on Wednesday 6th June at 10.30am for a general discussion on what the future may hold and how we pick up the threads.  Do come along and join us.  It is free - and you get a cup of coffee and a biscuit!- and you don't have to belong to the church.  You don't even have to be a Christian, just be interested in life in general. 


We look forward to seeing you.

Susan 01732 866218  or for more information


Contact Susan Cash (01732 866218) 

Pastoral Care Group

There is a team of people in the village, each of whom has an area of responsibility, and are there to welcome new residents, answer questions, pass on prayer requests to the Vicar and generally be a good neighbour. See below for those in the team and the area they cover. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any help.

Jo Naismith       01732 860148                 Goodley Stock Road, Kent Hatch Rd and Smiths Lane

Ros Ellis            01883 723403                 Main Road from Hosey Common Rd to New Rd and                                                                                       Church Lane.

Chitra Carver    01732 862657                 Main Rd from New Rd to Model Farm, Spout Lane to                                                                                     Grange and Dennettsland Lane

Richard Diggory 01732 446466               Oakdale Lane

Trish Proctor  01732 866219                   New Road, Main Rd from Model Farm to Hole Lane

Katy Netherclift 01732 866381               Deanery Road

Jilly Murison   01732 866224                   Pootings from Grange Cottage

Mandy and Ian Maple 01732 863144    Marlpit Hill

Michael and Olga Court 01732 866342 Mapleton Road and Puddledock

David Stafford    01732 866327              Dairy Lane

Sheila Stapleton 01732 866288              Froghole Lane


The Prayer Group

The Prayer Group is a small group of faithful worshippers who meet on a monthly basis

to pray for the needs of the World, Diocese, Deanery and the Parish. 

The Prayer Group will meet on Wednesday June 16th at Woodmote at 2pm.  There are so many situations in need of our prayers and it is wonderful to be able to meet together for our time of prayer. Please let me know any prayer requests if you feel you cannot join us.

Trish (866219)

Contact: Trish Proctor 01732 866219

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Supporting Tanzania

15 years ago a partnership began between the Dioceses of Rochester and of Mpwapwa in Tanzania. Since then parishes, schools and individuals in Rochester have explored how they can become involved with parishes and schools and other institutions in Mpwapwa, to help, share and learn from one another. They formed The Mpwapwa Partnership Group. 

Following the 2015 Lent discussions on Poverty, the PCC decided to support St.Michael’s Church in Kongwa, and then Mkwala School in Kongwa.

We have set up a steering group consisting of Mike Court, June Davies, Jo Banks, David Hodges, Jules and Sue Green, and Ali Cooper to move the project forward. We are hoping that the whole community will get involved in various ways.

The PCC agreed to support the training of Jeremia Isaka at St Philip’s Theological College, which is three miles from Kongwa. We are already supporting the training of Neema Zachary at St Philips.

 We think these will be a really worthwhile investments for the future of Christianity in Tanzania.

The chicken project started with 14 women contributing 14 chickens and 20 chickens given by Crockham Hill. 

Discussion Group

There has been a monthly discussion group led by the laity for the past 20 years or so.

 We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 8.00 p.m. Through agreement the venue may rotate around various households. It is proposed that this lively group will discuss contemporary issues from a Christian perspective and with no holds barred! For further information or ideas for discussion please contact Ian Maple on 863144 or by e-mail to

The Discussion Group looks forward to resuming on second Tuesdays as and when it is safe to do so. The group meets to discuss the nature and role of faith in our contemporary world, so watch this space! Any newcomers wishing to join this group can contact me on 863144, or email for details.

Ian Maple 

contact Ian Maple on 863144 or by e-mail to

Ian Maple.JPG

Sunday Club

Sunday Club, for children who are at Nursery or Primary School will take place during the 10.00am service and meet weekly apart from the first Sunday of the month when we will be introducing a Family Service.


The children will go to their activities after the first part of the service and return for a blessing during Communion and share with us at the end of the service what they have been doing.

Registration forms to comply with Diocesan guidelines will be available in church from September.


If any older youngsters would be interested in helping please have a word with me, as we are very aware that their needs need to be thought about too.


Messy Church takes place every eight weeks when a large crowd of children, parents and grandparents meet in the School Hall to find out more about Jesus. There is a mix of craft, songs, prayers and food. 

Messy Church is a mix of craft, song and prayer followed by TEA. Messy Church is for all-ages and we meet from 4.00 - 5.00 in the school hall.  Do get in touch if you need to know more.

Next Messy Church will be arranged after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic.  







Edenbridge Food Bank

As a church we support the God's Hands Food Bank for the community of Edenbridge. Please leave donations in the box at the back of church which is emptied on a regular basis.

Parish Nurse

A parish nurse is a registered nurse with community experience, who works through the church, offering offering spiritual, mental and social support, as well as health and lifestyle advice, respecting people of all faiths or no faith at all, and working with all health care professionals and ministers of religion.

The parish Nurse is contracted by The Eden Church at The Eden Centre and supported by all the churches in the Edenbridge Churches in Covenant.

The Parish Nurse aims to promote well being, offering  support to individuals, families and communities. This can be at a time of crisis or simply during the journey of life’s challenges, finding all sorts of ways of promoting health in the congregation and in the local community.

The Parish Nurse can train and co-ordinate church based volunteers, as they serve their communities, and can identify needs for self-help support groups and find ways to develop them, and can offer spiritual support and prayer.

A Parish Nurse will not put pressure on anyone to change their religion or join a particular church; will not do dressings, injections or invasive treatments. If these are needed, they are provided by the NHS.

  • God’s Hands Food Bank

  • Could we ask that you remember the food bank and can be as generous as possible please,

  • to help us help the families who really struggle without that daily meal for the children at school.


  • Christmas Food Bank – Julie Barry is organising the Christmas Food Bank a bit earlier this year.

  • Our aim is to let the families know what they will be receiving well before Christmas.

  • This helps to reduce anxiety levels.

  • Please could we have your Christmas food items donated between November 1st and December 3rd.

  • Thank you in advance for your generosity!

  • Suggested Foods:  Tinned ham, Tinned potatoes, Tinned vegetables

  • Tinned fruit, Custard mix, Boxes of biscuits, Crisps in cardboard tubes (they don’t get crushed) Chocolates,

  • Christmas puddings, Crackers (to pull), Crackers (for cheese), Chocolate tree decorations,

  • Christmas napkins/serviettes

Contact: Jo Banks 01732 860509.

Contact Julie Barry: Parish Nurse 07799 130557

Outside Help

Edenbridge Hospital

Holy Trinity’s help to the developing world takes a number of forms. We have participated in Christian Aid Week for many years through a house to house collection carried out by members of our congregation. 

his year is over the period 10-16 May. The money raised will go towards helping some of the world’s poorest people. If you wish to donate to this appeal you can either: (a) make it online to Holy Trinity PCC, sort code 40-52-40, account no. 00014196, using the reference of your initial and surname followed by ‘CA’ (e.g. DStafford/CA), or (b) send cash, or a cheque payable to Holy Trinity PCC with ‘Christian Aid' written on the back, to Tony Rogers, our Treasurer. For more information please contact me on 866327.

David Stafford

The Leprosy Mission has been supported by the church for a number of decades, and we continue to have a retiring collection for its work on World Leprosy Day, as well as collecting used stamps in the church, and encouraging people to take boxes for loose change.


We also have a representative on the Edenbridge Fairtrade Group (Edenbridge was the first Fairtrade town in Kent) and Holy Trinity is a Fairtrade organisation.

During the year, as with other churches we take part in various other appeals, such as Poverty and Hope, Royal British Legion, The Brownies, Edenbridge Hospital, Edenbridge Holiday Activity Schemes, and The Children’s Society

The BRIDGES Centre - - is a community café that offers an accessible place for people to meet, a listening ear, friendship, rest and refreshment, with particular regard for the needs of parents with young children, the aged, the unemployed and those who are lonely or distressed.  The BRIDGES trust was formed in 1993 with the purpose of raising funds to buy the Ebenezer Chapel in Edenbridge High Street. The Centre opened in 1995 and is staffed by volunteers under the supervision of a paid manager, Mary Perrett


A note from Mary Perrett, the Manager:

Dear friends in Crockham Hill


After the long lockdown, the BRIDGES Centre in Edenbridge High Street is now open for business once more. For the time being it will be serving drinks and refreshments from 10-12.30pm on Mondays to Fridays, but as from 4th June, the Centre will be starting a new and exciting project. Every Friday afternoon from 2pm - 4pm it will become a Place of Welcome; a time when all the community is welcome to join us at the Centre, enjoy refreshments and also learn or share skills. These activities may cover such things as cooking on a budget, going on a health walk or learning crafts. This is a space where people can grow, belong, and be nurtured in the heart of the community.



Why not drop in – for a cuppa, to meet old friends, make new ones and be part of the community. You’ll be more than welcome. 

The Bridges Centre

Contact: Sheila Stapleton

(01732 866208)





Click here for link to

Eden Christian Trust website.



Eden Christian Trust -

In partnership with the churches of ECC and the support of West Kent Extra our objectives are to provide support in all areas of youth work, to encourage an understanding of the Christian faith and to provide activities to strengthen communities.

From slow beginnings ECT has become a victim of its own success, developing into a thriving organisation in the community with a full-time salaried Youth Worker, Anthony Shipwright providing the following activities:

  • ECTreme Youth Club.  Meeting on Fridays the doors are regular shut at 50 members for safety reasons, with an additional 15 young people hoping to get in. Some of you may have seen the ECT float in the bonfire parade with some well-known faces plus youngsters!

  • Anthony regularly attends the primary schools in the area (Crockham Hill, Hever, Edenbridge Primary and Four Elms) for films, crafts and discussion. In rotation,  Anthony attends the churches in the Trust – Eden Church, St John’s Marsh Green, and Holy Trinity, Crockham Hill and SSPP Edenbridge.

  • Anthony runs a House Group on a Sunday with about 8 young people providing discussion on a whole range of subjects, relating them to Christian faith. One-to-One mentoring sessions are run coupled with activities and crafts.

Eden Christian Trust is in great need of volunteers for its Friday night Youth Club. This meets from 7.30-9.30pm every Friday evening during term time at the Old Chapel riverside building in Edenbridge High Street. If you are able to help out by volunteering once a month (or more!) for two hours at a time, please contact Anthony via or phone 07738232296 for more information. 


All Saints New Cross

We have close links with All Saint’s Church, Newcross, and our relationship goes back many years.

New collection arrangements

·        All items will be stored in my storeroom this year as, for logistical reasons, we cannot use the Church 

·        Please ring me before bringing the gifts so that, for security reasons, they can be placed safely in the storeroom (and not left in the open garage)

·        Please keep the new gifts separate from any other donated items  

If you would prefer to give a cheque, please make it out to ‘Holy Trinity Church, Crockham Hill’ and pass it to Tony Rogers or to me. Thank you very much for your generosity

June Davies 866350










David Hodges - 01732 866233 or

June Davies - 01732 866350

Edenbridge Churches in Covenant

The Edenbridge Churches in Covenant (ECC) comprises Holy Trinity, Crockham Hill,  St Peters & St Paul in Edenbridge, the Catholic and Baptists churches, and the URC church at Marsh Green.


The ECC was formed so that all denominations in the Edenbridge area could meet and liaise, holding some joint services, usually extra to their own morning service. The ECC also supports the Eden Christian Trust.


Crockham Hill is currently chairing the ECC, and Richard Diggory is the chairman. 

Contact: Kev Reynolds (866457)