Great Lives of Crockham Hill 


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Tom Rogers

1918 - 2019

A pillar of the community who helped doubting minds grow through their questioning faith.

Clare Abbott


A woman whose warmth, energy and kindness won many friends during nearly three decades at Close Farm

Ray Allard

1932 - 2015

Ray was a forester by profession, a dedicated Scout leader and keen mountain walker, despite having very poor sight. For many years he served the community in a variety of roles, and lived at 2 Hillside, beside the main road.

Phyllis (Phyl) Butler

1913 - 2003

Multi-talented Renaissance Woman, Phyl Butler, who lived in Guildables Lane,  was a well-known and much-loved presence in Crockham Hill for more than sixty years.    

Peter Cantlay

1920 - 2005

One-time president of Crockham Hill Cricket Club, Parish Councillor and chairman of the Playing Fields Committee, Peter Cantlay served the village well during his years at Goodley Stock.

Winston Spencer Churchill

1874 - 1965


Winston Churchill – cavalry officer, journalist, prolific author, statesman, prime minister and orator; the ‘Greatest Briton’ of all-time – lived at Chartwell from 1922. 

Doug Daniel


Musician, one-time church warden and technology whiz-kid, Doug invested a lot of time, energy and skills in the life of the village, despite a high-powered job that took him to far-flung places. 

Alan Davies

1937 - 2015

A Crockham Hill resident for over 30 years, Alan was very actively involved both with the Church - particularly its outreach activities in South London - and with  village life, including the cricket club and the biennial panto productions. He lived at Redlands Barn.

Angus Dixon

1923 - 2006

A man of fixed habit, as regular and punctual as a Swiss train, Angus Dixon was part of the fabric of Crockham Hill for more than 40 years.  Throughout that time he lived in Spout Lane. 

First World War - the Crockham Hill men and women who died

1914 - 1918

Some Memories of Crockham Hill Men (based on the book ‘In Memoriam: The Great War 1914-18’ by Barbara Mitchell and Claire Stockdale)


Long time resident of Deanery road and a countryman to the end.


Influential editor and publisher’s reader, he brought some of the most famous names in modern literature to his home in the woods near Kent Hatch.

Denys Godin

1911 - 2006

One-time churchwarden at Holy Trinity, governor at the village school and president of Crockham Hill Tennis Club, Denys Godin spent 22 years at Coachmans in the New Road.

1911 - 2004

In her time the ‘doyen of the community’, for almost 40 years Molly was at the heart of practically everything that was going on in the village, including the Church, the WI, the fete, and served as local Councillor on Westerham Parish Council.  She lived in Spout Lane. 

1809 - 1902

Mother of Octavia Hill, Caroline was a woman of great intellect and vitality and tremendous faith, leading a large family through significant social upheavals in Victorian times. She is commemorated by a memorial bench on Mariners Hill, overlooking Crockham Hill.

Octavia Hill

1838 - 1912

Victorian visionary, pioneer of social housing, champion of the countryside and a co-founder of the National Trust, Octavia Hill had a home on the edge of Crockham Hill Common and is remembered with a marble effigy set beside the altar in Holy Trinity Church.


Celebrated for his major contribution to the prevention of blindness in the developing world, New Zealand-born Professor Jones lived for more than a decade at Buttles Steps Cottage. 

EV Lucas

1868 - 1938

Prolific essayist, travel writer, biographer, humorist, poet and publisher, E.V. Lucas lived for a number of years at Spark Haw on Froghole Lane.

Rodney Luxford

1932 - 2015

Mechanic, driver, gardener, Rodney Luxford lived all his life in Crockham Hill, for 77 of his 82 years residing in the same house in Deanery Road.

Sir Philip Manson Bahr

1881 - 1966

Distinguished consultant in tropical medicine, eminent ornithologist and talented water-colourist, Sir Philip lived in Pootings, rode to hounds until he was eighty, read the lessons in church each Sunday, and took a major role in village events with infectious enthusiasm.

Richard Mason

1929 - 1997

Former journalist and Ipswich Town supporter, the Venerable Richard Mason was the first Priest-in-Charge of Holy Trinity when the parish linked with Edenbridge in the 1980s.  

Derek McBride

1917 - 1996

Derek McBride, one of the last of a dying breed - the quintessential village shopkeeper.

Major General Peter Pellereau

1921 - 2014

Peter was a distinguished soldier, serving in World War II and later in BAOR, finally becoming Senior Military Officer at Fort Halstead. He was a  keen sportsman and very active in Church and village life. He lived at Woodman's Folly at the top of Smith's Lane.

Lydia Corfe Press

1984 - 2008

Mountaineer, musician, Oxford graduate, Lydia’s short life was an inspiration to many. Brought up in Pootings she has a beautiful memorial in Crockham Hill’s churchyard.

David Rae Smith

1919 - 2002

A prominent accountant and racing man whose actions during the war won him the Military Cross, David Rae Smith was the gentle giant of Oakdale Lane.

Helen Richardson

1926 - 2017

Physiotherapist, tennis coach, traveller and flower arranger, Helen’s warm personality graced Crockham Hill for 65 years

Margaret Sayell

1919 - 2009

Margaret was the lady with the patience of a saint who taught Crockham Hill’s children to play the piano at her home in Dairy Lane.

Rev. Nesbitt Tredennick

1892 - 1976

Much-loved Vicar of Crockham Hill for 16 years, who introduced the hot pot supper tradition in 1953.

Brian Wells


The man who cut Churchill’s hair.

William Whitehead


Survivor of the Battle of Waterloo who came to live at Kent Hatch and is buried in Holy Trinity churchyard.

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