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  • to us spiritual leadership to reinvigorate the work of Holy Trinity Church and to raise its profile in our village as the spiritual glue to support and enrich the diversity of life within our local community.


  • to attract the interest and support of young families, but also to maintain the continued support of our traditional, older membership.


  • to maintain and extend a vibrant Anglican tradition in the village; see the church community promoted as a positive, creative, and active part of the life of the village, serving the needs of all, regardless of religious affiliation. We want to find ways of engaging with those that have doubts about their faith or have dropped away from Christianity


  • to play an active role in the thriving church primary school and strengthen its Anglican ethos and outlook, working towards building close and trusting relationships with parents, pupils and their teachers, and with those families with children at other schools.


Within the usual duties of an incumbent parish priest, albeit in a part-time capacity, our priest gives priority to


  • Offering spiritual leadership, with particular attention to young families and their children, including attendance and encouragement of the First Tuesday Group, and working with the PCC and parishioners to develop suitable new family services.


  • Taking the Crockham Hill School assembly/act of collective worship once a week, and hosting the school services about six times a year in the church in place of a school assembly.


  • Serving as one of three Foundation Governors on the Crockham Hill School governing body.


  • Chairing the PCC (currently about five PCC meetings per annum).


  • Conducting  baptism, wedding and funeral services, and preliminary pastoral meetings for them.


  • Taking part in the services of the Edenbridge Churches in Covenant (approx 5 per annum).


  • Pastoral visiting of the sick, frail and bereaved.


  • Taking  the opportunity for personal spiritual development and ministerial development by attending appropriate courses, retreats and conferences.



Crockham Hill is a welcoming community in a beautiful part of the country; the village and its environs offer a breadth and a diversity.
We hope to re-invigorate the work of Holy Trinity and raise its profile in our village and beyond, and
support and enrich the diversity of spiritual and everyday life within our local community.
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