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Activities in Church

There is no need for churches to run on the efforts of a few. Everyone can do something. We all have time and talents given us by God. This outlines some of the ways we can help - perhaps by trying some of these activities we will discover talents we didn’t know we had.
If you are interested in any of the following activities contact details can be found at the end of each paragraph.
The Flower Guild

The flower guild is responsible for the beautiful arrangements that can be seen in church through the seasons.  Teams of two, on a rota basis, arrange flowers weekly (except during Lent and Advent) at the altar, by the lectern and pulpit etc. At festivals, harvest, Christmas and Easter everyone works together.

New members are always welcome, even beginners, as there is plenty of help at hand from the more experienced members.


Contact:Annie Blissett (01732 864 182)


Join our team, who clean the Church for about an hour each week on a rota.


Contact: Min Reynolds (01732 866457) 


There is a rota of members who read the first lesson. New readers are always needed.


Contact Ali Cooper (01732 669447)

After Service Get Together


This is a time to meet old friends, and new members of the congregation. We serve coffee, biscuits and cakes, and are always looking for helpers.



Contact: Liz Jowett (01732 865367)


Sidesmen are there with a warm welcome for those entering our church for the Sunday services. Qualities of those taking on this role are punctuality, methodical working and a cheery, welcoming disposition.

Sidesmen prepare for the service by getting books ready and putting up hymn numbers; and after the service they count the collection, and make  sure the church is left ready for the next service. In the unlikely event of a fire or other emergency the sidesmen would help ensure everyone leaves the church safely.

Sidesmen are elected to office at the annual church meeting each year.

Contact:  Anthony Proctor (01732 866219)

Chalice Assistant


The serving team is a very visible part of worship at the Eucharist services on a Sunday (and various other services at different times of the year) and performs a variety of tasks to try and keep the whole thing running smoothly.



Contact: Trish Proctor (01732 866219)

Odd Jobs


​Folk who are handy with a paintbrush, screwdriver or hammer etc. and would be happy to help with small maintenance jobs from time to time are always welcomed. The annual Churchyard working party is on 12th November


Contact: Ian Maple (01732 863144)

Sacristy help

The sacristy team prepares the church for Sunday communion services, for the monthly Eucharist, and other occasional services such as funerals and weddings.

The work involves cleaning the communion vessels, keeping the altar linen etc. clean and in good order, changing the altar frontals as required, preparing service books and any other requirements for occasional services, and being present at weddings, funerals etc., ensuring the heating is on when necessary and general housekeeping.


Contact: Ros Ellis (01883 723403)



The Intercession prayers need some preparation. They are based on the theme of the day, both readings, and whatever crisis is affecting the world or members of the Parish. Help is at hand with books of prayers in the church.


Contact: Trish Proctor (01732 866219)

Social Events & Fundraising


This vital group of people arrange social gatherings like the the annual village Fete, the Harvest lunch, the Shove Tuesday Hot Pot Supper, and events throughout the year. New members of the team are always welcome.


Contact: Ali Cooper (01732 669447)


If you would like to get involved and help with any of these activities, but do not know any of the relevant people mentioned on this page, please ask a sidesman or churchwarden to be introduced.

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